WhosOnYourCase has started shipping the BakPak 1 for iPhone 7 Ranges and SGS8 Range. 

We’re very excited about this new case product. We’ve been offering BakPak cases in different iterations and designs for a while now, to improve our understanding of what our partners and their customers need.

The BakPak 1 does several things the market hasn’t seen before, and that are reflective of what we’ve learned: 

First, it delivers an uninterrupted curved canvas for art, design, or photographs, without any obstructions to the camera hole, and without a lot of visible TPU liner. This new design solves a key issue some partners have, where the camera hole can often disrupt the decorated surface. Think in terms of photographs, where a head may be centered on a Samsung case, for instance, but that head is cut off by the camera hole. The effect is a bold visual statement on the back of a phone.

Second, the fully covered rear shell offers the added benefit of protecting the camera from scratching or dirt intrusion that happens with cases that leave the camera area open. Often we find when we remove our phone cases that dirt, grime and debris is on the inside of our phone case - and it’s usually entered through the camera hole opening. When you slide the back compartment down (which can be done with one hand, quickly) the camera is exposed for taking photos, so there is no loss of functionality. 

Third, when you slide it further down, you have a secure storage compartment for credit card, ID, or cash. 

Fourth, the rear sliding shell with TPU liner functionally offers the same protection as a traditional tough case, without lots of added thickness. Best of all, the BakPak 1 for the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy 8 range are priced the same as our tough cases. 

This product truly adds value to our partners case offerings. In fact, we have demonstrated the BakPak 1 to some of our key partners with a great response. This new Bakpak represents all that we have learned across the various BakPak case offerings, and delivers something that is innovative and attractive to customers - something that is otherwise not widely available in the market.

We hope you consider adding the BakPak 1 for the iPhone 7 range and Galaxy S8 range to your offering, and we’re here to help tell the story to your customers so they can understand what this product gives them.

Queen's Award for Enterprise – International Trade Category

Who’s on Your Case is pleased to announce that the driving force behind it, IDT Systems, has been recognised as one of the top companies in the United Kingdom for international trade.  IDT Systems has been bestowed the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise.

It is an honour to be recognised for our efforts to provide exceptional service to our ever-growing customer base. We strive to ensure our partners receive noteworthy customer service and remarkable products. 

Our CEO, Peter Woodd, who is extremely involved with the day to day running of IDT Systems, and another crew member will be attending the Queen’s reception at Buckingham Palace this summer to accept the award.

IDT Systems was started in 2006 by a seasoned group of 3D and 2D experienced professionals. IDT Systems has developed comprehensive system interface technology, including the equipment, operating systems, software and consumables. The first system was launched in late 2008, since then it has deployed over 400 systems around the globe, across all major industries. 

“This outstanding achievement is down to the extraordinary crew at IDT Systems. IDT Systems is only in its twelfth year and has already achieved great things. We are certain the Queen's Award for Enterprise is the first of many exciting announcements and new ventures.” 

- Peter Woodd, CEO of IDT Systems


Holiday Shipping

WhosOnYourCase is looking forward to an amazing Holiday Season in the personalized phone case space, and a 2017 that builds even more upon the tremendous success we’ve shared with our valued partners around the world. 

We’d like to outline details about our Holiday Production schedules and suggested order cutoffs that will help our partners have the best chance of getting product in the hands of USA or UK based customers before Christmas Day, Sunday December 25th.

For shipments from USA to USA: We utilize USPS First Class with tracking as the standard option. Delivery is generally reliable, fast, affordable, and convenient. However - USPS does not provide a guaranteed delivery date - they instead provide estimated dates. For USPS First Class it’s 1-3 days, for USPS Priority it’s also 1-3 days. This is subject to volume and backlog, and it may be that First Class packages move slower than normal (First Class shipments are considered behind Priority shipments in terms of how USPS processes them if they get backlogged). Also it has been our experience that tracking updates from the USPS side can possibly occur on a delayed basis, sometimes after goods have left the origin facility and/or arrived after destination facility.

As such, we recommend that you have your orders in to us no later than SUNDAY, December 18th. This allows us our targeted turnaround time of 48 business hours, so that packages can be handed off to USPS by (at the latest) TUESDAY, December 20th. From there, USPS would have 3 full business days to get product to customers, and a Saturday, which should be adequate. 

It’s important, though, that you are aware that USPS timelines cannot be guaranteed and we strongly suggest that you message accordingly to your end customers. We cannot be responsible if USPS does not deliver on time.

A final note: Our business is geared to produce very large volumes of phone cases per day, always at the highest quality standards, and we are experienced at scaling and running extra shifts during Holidays. Our capacity continues to grow. So while we cannot control the USPS part, we can make sure that our partners can be confident that product goes out from our end, and that if we issue you a tracking/shipment notification, product will have been handed off to USPS.

USPS shipping services link for reference.

Also: We have streamlined our shipping rates for International Shipments out of the USA (and domestic too!), and can provide better tracking to most countries, so please reach out if you have any questions or need the latest USA Shipping Price list.

For shipments from UK to UK: Cutoff date for the shipments to arrive in Christmas is also SUNDAY, December 18th so that we can get goods to Royal Mail by Wed, Dec. 21.

For shipments from UK to Europe: Please inquire as it varies by country.

If you have questions about any of this, just let us know. 

Phone Case Personalization and Fulfillment Solutions for MarvelPress Partners

Recently it was announced on the MarvelPress website that they have closed down their fulfillment operations, both in the USA and UK, and effective immediately. This has created problems for businesses and partners who have relied on them for phone case personalization and fulfillment services - especially as they head into peak holiday buying season.

WhosOnYourCase can help - we’re the largest provider of mobile phone case personalization solutions, offering premium 3D decorated mobile phone cases for our partners around the world. Our business offers clear advantages over anyone else in the phone case personalization market, in terms of:

Product Quality

Technology & Decoration Process

Turnaround Times 

Volume Capacity

Equipment Solutions


Coatings and Finishes 

Turnaround Times

Global Fulfillment Centers

Number of Supported Devices

Unique & Innovative Case Styles 


There is no one who can match our quality, or capabilities, and we’re happy to show you what we mean.

We can help you quickly and easily transition to our platform for your phone case needs. Contact us to learn what special offers can be provided for MarvelPress customers who need a new global phone case fulfillment partner. We can get you started with us in as little as a day, and offer you a quality of product that your competitors can’t match!