WhosOnYourCase has started shipping the BakPak 1 for iPhone 7 Ranges and SGS8 Range. 

We’re very excited about this new case product. We’ve been offering BakPak cases in different iterations and designs for a while now, to improve our understanding of what our partners and their customers need.

The BakPak 1 does several things the market hasn’t seen before, and that are reflective of what we’ve learned: 

First, it delivers an uninterrupted curved canvas for art, design, or photographs, without any obstructions to the camera hole, and without a lot of visible TPU liner. This new design solves a key issue some partners have, where the camera hole can often disrupt the decorated surface. Think in terms of photographs, where a head may be centered on a Samsung case, for instance, but that head is cut off by the camera hole. The effect is a bold visual statement on the back of a phone.

Second, the fully covered rear shell offers the added benefit of protecting the camera from scratching or dirt intrusion that happens with cases that leave the camera area open. Often we find when we remove our phone cases that dirt, grime and debris is on the inside of our phone case - and it’s usually entered through the camera hole opening. When you slide the back compartment down (which can be done with one hand, quickly) the camera is exposed for taking photos, so there is no loss of functionality. 

Third, when you slide it further down, you have a secure storage compartment for credit card, ID, or cash. 

Fourth, the rear sliding shell with TPU liner functionally offers the same protection as a traditional tough case, without lots of added thickness. Best of all, the BakPak 1 for the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy 8 range are priced the same as our tough cases. 

This product truly adds value to our partners case offerings. In fact, we have demonstrated the BakPak 1 to some of our key partners with a great response. This new Bakpak represents all that we have learned across the various BakPak case offerings, and delivers something that is innovative and attractive to customers - something that is otherwise not widely available in the market.

We hope you consider adding the BakPak 1 for the iPhone 7 range and Galaxy S8 range to your offering, and we’re here to help tell the story to your customers so they can understand what this product gives them.