Fun with Wood


It’s the individual touches that make your space your own, down to the tiniest detail. You choose the colours, the finishes and the accents. All our wooden products are customisable so make the finishing touches personal.


Stand Up Wooden Letters

Just your initials or your whole name, or any word you like. Letters A-Z available.

Guideline Retail Price $19.50


Stand Up Wooden Numbers

Add them to your photos and make memories that will last forever. Numbers 0-9 available.

Guideline Retail Price $19.50


Standing Wooden Word LOVE

Help fill your home with good feelings thanks to this gentle reminder.

Guideline Retail Price $42.00


Stand Up Wooden Shapes

Cut from 20mm sustainable Birch Plywood. Available in 3 Shapes: Heart, Hexagon and Star.

Guideline Retail Price from $17.50


Wooden Heart

Shout it from the rooftops, or just hang it on your wall. Show them you love them. Available in 3 Sizes: Small (90mm), Medium (106mm), Large (180mm).

Guideline Retail Price from $7.75


Jigsaw Piece

For when you find your missing piece. Cut from 6mm sustainable Birch plywood.

Guideline Retail Price $8.95


9 Piece Jigsaw

Happiness is when all the pieces come together. Cut from 6mm sustainable Birch plywood.

Guideline Retail Price $49.95


Wooden Hangers

When it comes to adding colour to your wardrobe why stop at your clothes? Cut from 6mm sustainable Birch plywood. Available in 3 Styles: Hook, Anchor and Hanger.

Guideline Retail Price from $7.75


Wooden Trees

Bring nature into your home! Cut from 6mm sustainable Birch plywood. Available in 2 Styles: Jewelry Tree and Standing Tree.

Guideline Retail Price from $8.95

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