WOYC for Artists

Artists are increasingly discovering powerful new ways to share their creative talents with the world. Traditionally, art has been bought and sold through galleries, or occasionally via licensed reprints. Now, artists are exploring new ways to distribute and monetize their work via new platforms and marketplaces. Many even have their own dedicated websites or virtual storefronts. A mobile case is a canvas for the world to see. What better way for your artwork to be seen, than by having it carried around by your customers on a premium personalized mobile phone case everyday?

WOYC supports artists looking to create new revenue to support their passion. As an artist, working with us is easy. We offer you the following convenient services:

Easy Setup, No Inventory, No Minimums, No Fees

Easy to set up, order as little as one case at a time, you only pay for cases that you order – there are no enrollment fees, monthly costs, or hidden charges.

templates for case display

Allows you to display your artwork as it would appear on a case – ideal for displaying goods for sale on your own website or third party platforms (such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.).


Allows you to position and size your artwork properly so that the file can be sent to us for creation in our state-of-the-art facilities.

ordering portal

Self-service portal where artists can log in, upload their artwork using our templates, and have a case made. The case can drop ship to the artist, or directly to their customer.


Your customers will never know we exist – we serve as a backend fulfillment solution and you manage the product design, customer relationship and payments.


Custom Cases are usually made and shipped same-day, with tracking, and typically delivered to your customers within a few days.


Artist designed cases offer high markups and profit margins, and a point of entry into a hot category as customers increasingly seek personalization tied to their device purchases.

best quality

Our process offers the best quality solution on the market – find out how here: Quality