Around the House

Dare to be different...

Your home is your sanctuary. The place you head at the end of a hard day, warm, inviting and everything as you like it. Your style, your way.


Lunch Bag (Paper)

It’s made using our new durable paper, don’t worry though it’s washable! The material we use is sourced from FSC forests and is completely recyclable. Reduce the amount of packaging and waste you produce to reduce your carbon footprint.

Guideline Retail Price $45.00


Lunch Box

Our boxes have a segmented lower compartment (all movable) and an upper section with a wooden lid that’s completely customizable and also doubles as a plate. So, make your box as unique as you are!

Guideline Retail Price $42.00


Ceramic Mug

This premium white ceramic mug was designed and produced by artisans and your decoration is also created by hand. We do recommend it is washed by hand. Food Safe. Available in 3 Sizes: 12oz, 8oz, 3oz.

Guideline Retail Price from $9.40


Water Bottle

Our bottles are special, being made from corn starch they are biodegradable. We’re not adding to the 16 million plastic bottles that fail to reach plastic recycling facilities each year. Available in 2 Sizes: 5ooml, 750ml.

Guideline Retail Price from $19.50


Make mealtimes more personal or just save yourself from the age-old argument about who’s sitting where! Available in 2 Shapes: Rectangle and Round.

Guideline Retail Price $20.00


Bluetooth Speaker

Our personalised Bluetooth Speaker provides musical enjoyment by wireless stream audio from your mobile devices such as a Smartphone, MP3 player, Tablet or PC.

Guideline Retail Price $50.00


Bottle Opener

Fridge magnet bottle opener in the shape of a bottle cap with two different mechanisms on underside for opening different beverages.

Guideline Retail Price $12.00


Ceramic Coaster

Remember the blue skies and the warm breeze as you settle down with your blanket and your favorite hot drink. Available in 2 Shapes: Round and Square.

Guideline Retail Price $9.00


Wooden Coaster

Customizable Wooden Coaster. Available in 2 Shapes: Round and Square.

Guideline Retail Price $5.85


Acrylic Coaster

Customizable Acrylic Coaster. Available in 2 Shapes: Round and Square.

Guideline Retail Price $10.40

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